Privacy Policy

The objective of this privacy policy is to inform you about what personal data we collect from you, why we collect it and how you can manage, update, and erase it. 

In accordance with the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation), the personal data that you provide us through the subscription form of the website and/or through your navigation on the mentioned website, will be treated by Viajala Operations Inc. 

The website (henceforth, website) is owned by Escapar SAS, identified with ID 900525182-0 and registered at: Cll 7 D No. 43 A- 40 Medellin, Colombia. 

You can contact Escapar SAS by sending an email ( or by calling the following number: +57 (4) 3127897 from Monday to Friday, 8:30 – 17:30 (UTC-05.00, R). 

This policy describes Viajala Operations Inc’s practices regarding personally identifiable information and data obtained through our websites and social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn). When you use these, you agree to the terms in this policy. 

Our privacy policy is an integral part of the terms and conditions of use of our website. 

Purpose of the data collection 

Viajala Operations Inc collects your personal data to offer you the best possible service and provide you with the highest quality for the development of contractual relations between both. 

The main purpose of the personal data obtained through our website is the promotion of tourist services, such as the sale of air tickets. Therefore, our website may be used to promote the described services provided on third party sites. 

What personal data do we collect? 

If you choose to subscribe to our newsletter, we will store your email address as well as any other information you provide us with. 

If you choose a third-party service, for example Facebook, to log in, you are permitting us to use and store that information related to the account. 

Additionally, when you visit our website, we may collect information from you using automated systems which register your IP address, search history, web browser, operating system, access hours, period of connection on the web, gender, location, network and traffic source. All the above information enables us to understand how you use our website and to produce overall statistics to the providers that manage our websites’ technology. 

When you use a mobile device to access our website, we may also collect other data such the type of device you use, your preferences and your location. 

Furthermore, if you choose to participate in one of our electronic surveys, we will gather data about you according to your answers. 

When you give us your personal information, you ensure that this information is true, accurate, complete, and current. You also guarantee that you have the authorization to provide it to us. 

Authorization for the collection, treatment, and erasure of your personal data 

How do we collect your personal information? 

When you use our website, we collect your personal information directly from you. We give you the option to subscribe to our newsletter by inputting your email address and confirming that you accept our privacy and data processing policy. In this way, you give your free, specific, informed, express and unequivocal consent for us to carry out the processing of your personal data. 

We also collect your personal information automatically when you visit our website. As well as utilising tracking tools such as cookies. To learn more about these tools and how to control them, look at the section named Cookies and tracking tools. 

Furthermore, we obtain your personal data from third parties, for example, when you log in using Facebook you are giving us access to your profile information. 

Our website permits us to make use of the properties of your mobile device and its’ configuration which allows us to recognise your location, IP mapping and Wi-Fi. We use this information to improve and personalise your experience and to offer you relevant promotional services and flights. 

Why do we collect and how do we use your personal data? 

We use your personally identifiable information (and, occasionally, other information that we collect) for various reasons. Your personal data could be used for the following purposes: 

• To send you our newsletter. 

• To send you promotional offers and other information regarding our products and touristic services, such as flights and hotels. 

• To respond to enquiries sent by email. 

• To carry out market surveys to help us to improve our offer of services and user experience. 

• To manage and resolve legal disputes in cases where the personal data is required for regulatory compliance or investigations. 

Unless you have opted out to no longer receive our commercial information, we will use your personal data and adapt the information according to your interests and send it to you. 

Furthermore, we increase or merge your personal data with third parties to be able to market our products and services in the best way and to cover your needs. 

We also track the search terms that you enter to help us refine our search functionality and improve the way in which we appear on search engines such as Google and Yahoo. 

For how long do we keep your personal data? 

We will keep your personal data while we have legal liabilities in relation to the services, we have provided you with. We guarantee that, if we no longer have a reason or legal obligation to use your personal data, we will erase it or store it anonymously. 

Irrespective of the foregoing, if you are subscribed to our newsletters and promotional offers, we will keep your email address to this effect until you opt out. 

To opt out, you can communicate with us through email correspondence or postal address which are indicated within the following section Who is responsible for your personal data at Viajala Operations Inc? Or by clicking on the link “cancel subscription” which will appear in our emails. 

Nevertheless, whilst we have your personal data you can ask us to erase it under determined circumstances. 

To obtain more information on how to manage your personal data, consult the sections: What are your rights? And How can you control your personal data? Of this policy. 

How does Viajala Operations Inc share your data with third parties? 

We will share your information only when, you ask us to do so, when its necessary in order to complete business with you and to offer our services or when necessary for legal reasons. We will not sell nor publish any personal data that we collect about you on our website. 

At we will collaborate with third parties who provide us with a variety of different services that support the delivery of our services (remarketing, search for new users and personal shopping experiences). We require any Third-Party Processor which handles information on our behalf to do so pursuant to our standards of privacy and we ensure that they only have access to information that they need to carry out their purpose. In this regard, we offer personal shopping experiences and publicity through Media Alpha, Intent Media and Clicktripz, which uses online identifiers to recognize visitors. To see Media Alpha´s privacy policy click here, to see Intent Media’s privacy policy, click here, To see Clicktripz´s privacy policy click here.

If you are purchasing travel with a Travel Supplier from our website (like Airlines or Online Travel Agencies) any personal data you submit as part of the booking process will be shared with the relevant Travel Supplier and will be in line with their own policies. 

If Viajala Operations Inc (or part of our business) is acquired by a third party or undergoes a change in management, the new owners will have access to your personal data for the uses established in the present document. 

We may disclose your information where necessary if the law requires it for example, for the implementation of justice or at the request of authorities. This includes court orders, subpoenas, orders that arrive from legal processes and administrative investigations or criminal sanctions. We may also disclose your information if necessary, to prevent, detect or prosecute illegal or suspected illegal activities; to prevent other damage; or where necessary in response to legal action against us; or to enforce our rights and claims. 

What are your rights? 

Under the General Regulation (EU) 2016/679, of 27th April 2016, on Data Protection (GDPR), the following rights are recognised in relation to the processing of your personal data: 

1. Right of access. You have the right to confirm that your personal data is being processed and, if the case, to get a copy of such data and complete information about the processing. 

2. Right to rectification. You have the right to amend errors, modify data that may be inaccurate or incomplete and ensure the information which is being processed is right. You will be able to exercise this right, among others, if your data is partial, inexact, incomplete, fractionated, that may be misleading, or those whose treatment is expressly forbidden or has not been authorised. 

3. Right to erasure. You have the right to suppress your data without undue delay in the case that the processing is illegal or that the purpose for processing or collecting it has disappeared. 

4. Right to restriction. You have the right to ask for the suspension of the processing in the case that such processing is illegal or inadequate. 

5. Right to object. You have the right to object to the processing of your data in the case that the purpose of the processing is direct marketing or that the processing should be stopped for reasons relating to your personal situation, unless we can demonstrate compelling legitimate grounds that the processing is necessary to exercise or defence legal claims. 

6. Right to not be subject to automated individual decisions. You have the right not to be subject to a decision based solely on automated processing, including profiling, which produces legal effect concerning you or similarly affects you, unless that is necessary for the execution of a contract, is permitted by the Law or it is based on your explicit consent. 

7. Right to portability. In certain circumstances, you will also be able to ask us to send personal data that you have provided to a third party. The copy that is provided will be offered in a structured format, of common use and easily readable. 

Additionally, bear in mind the right to forget, which arises as a consequence of the rights to cancel and object and is understood as a right to erasure of personal data. 

How can you control your personal data? 

As the owner of your personal data you have the right to know the data that Viajala Operations Inc information systems collect about you. 

An enquiry into your personal data will be addressed within a maximum period of ten (10) working days from the date of receipt. In the case where it was not possible to address the enquiry within said period, you will be duly informed, giving the reasons for the delay and underlining the data in which you can expect a response, of which in any case could exceed five (5) working days following the first deadline. 

We will give you the information on an individual register or linked with your identification. 

Furthermore, as the owner of your personal data you will be able to present a claim before the person responsible at Viajala Operations Inc which is indicated in the section, Who is responsible for your personal data at Viajala Operations Inc? when you consider that your personal data is subject to correction, update or elimination or when you notice the presumed breach of any of the duties contained in the regulations and legal provisions in force on personal data. 

Your claim will be processed according to the following terms and conditions: 

a) The claim will be formulated by means of a request addressed to the person responsible for Viajala Operations Inc that is indicated below, with your identification, the description of the facts that give rise to the claim, the address, and accompanying the documents that you want to assert. If the claim is incomplete, you will be required within five (5) days after receipt of the claim to correct the faults. After two (2) months from the date of the requests, without presenting the required information, it will be understood that you have withdrawn the claim. 

In case the person receiving the claim is not competent to resolve it, it will be transferred to the person concerned within a maximum term of two (2) working days and will be duly informed of the situation. 

b) Once the claim has been received, a legend saying, “claim in process” and the reason for it will be included in our information systems, within a term not exceeding two (2) business days. This legend must be maintained until the claim is decided. 

c) The maximum term to attend to the claim will be fifteen (15) business days counted from the day following the date of its receipt. When this is not possible, you will be informed of the reasons for the delay and the date on which your claim will be handled, which in no case may exceed eight (8) business days following the expiration of the first term. 

The exercise of your rights is free, unless manifestly unfounded or excessive requests are made, in which case you may be required to assume the cost of processing the application. 

How does Viajala Operations Inc keep your personal data secure? 

Viajala Operations Inc has a security program intended to keep the personal information stored in our systems protected from unauthorized access and misuse. We limit access to only authorised personnel who have to come into contact with your information to do their Jobs and deliver our services. 

We will keep your information secure using technology that has a generally accepted standard of codification and storage of data. We use commercial systems and appropriate procedures to safeguard the personal data that you provide us with. We also use security measures, technical and physical constraints to Access and use personal data from our servers. 

Where do we store your information? 

All personal data is collected and stored on our servers located in the United States. In the future, we may relocate these servers to another country. By giving us your Personal data, you authorise us to transfer and store it in these countries. 

Subject to the local laws in these countries, we will provide the safeguards needed to protect your data regardless of location. We do this through a combination of appropriate technical, organisational, and administrative security measures and by putting in place the necessary legal contracts to back up these requirements. For examples, we will only store European users’ personal data outside the European Economic Area where a European Commission-approved method of validating the transfer has been put in place. 

How does Viajala Operations Inc treat the personal data of minors under 16 years old? 

Viajala Operations Inc understands the importance of protecting the privacy of children and adolescents, especially on the online Internet environment. The web site is not designed for children and adolescents under 16 years of age, nor is it directed at them. It is our policy to not collect nor keep information in a deliberate manner on any person who is under 16 years old. 

For minors under 16, the use of our services is only possible with the legal consent of a parent or guardian. In exceptional cases, Viajala Operations Inc will collect and use a child’s information only in a way which has been facilitated by the parent or guardian or with their consent. 

In the case that we detect that we are using information of someone less than 16 years of age without the valid consent of a parent or guardian, we reserve the right to erase it. 

Who is responsible for the protection of your personal data at Viajala Operations Inc? 

The details of the person in charge of your petitions, claims and queries before Viajala Operations Inc and before whom you can exercise your rights to access, update, rectify and erase your data and revoke this authorisation are the following: 

• Name of the person responsible: Catalina Jaramillo

• Address: Cll 7 D No. 43 A- 40 Medellin, Colombia 

• Telephone: 57 (4) 3127897 

• Email address: 

Our Representative in the Europe Union is:

• Name of the person: Luc Guilhamon

• Address: Calle Valencia 262, 3o 2a, 08007 Barcelona, España 

• Telephone: +34 673 17 27 95

• Email address: 

Cookies and Tracking Tools 

Like many other Internet sites, we use cookies, 1-pixel GIF files (highlighted tags), JavaScript code and other standard network technology to collect information for our own use to improve the website and its tools. 

A cookie is a small data file that we transfer to your computer's hard drive for storing the records. You can change the option in your browser so that it does not accept more cookies or to notify you before accepting a cookie and thus allows you to refuse it. It is possible that by disabling cookies the website is not displayed properly. Check with the manufacturer of your browser for more information on how to control cookies. 

Cookies make it easier for you to use the website, they give us the opportunity to offer you the option of deciding if you want your Personal Data included or not in the information treatment we do and allow us to follow your navigation through of the website to be able to adapt it according to your interests. They also allow us to remember your identity and preferences so that we can show you appropriate content for you and your interests. 

These technologies also help to manage our virtual commercial promotion. To promote other Internet sites, we use 1-pixel or transparent GIF files ("spotlight" technology). Our advertising management partners provide these GIF files, which allow them to recognize a unique cookie in their browser, which in turn allows those we advertise to know if our ads were the ones that attracted users to their websites. The cookie was placed by us through our advertising management partners. These partners use your IP address along with these technologies, but do not save your name, address, phone number or email address. Contact us by email to get more information about our advertising management partners or to learn how you can opt out of being included in the use of these technologies. 

Although we hire third parties to manage the use of these technologies, the Personal Data we deal with is used only to help us take control of our own marketing materials and our own Internet sites. These third parties are bound by contract to keep the information confidential and are prohibited from using it for any other purpose. 

Links to third party sites 

The website contains and/or may contain links to third party sites. In case you are redirected to the sites of third parties or other platforms, we do not assume any direct responsibility for the privacy policy of those internet sites, and from that moment the privacy policy of Viajala Operations Inc will no longer be applied. Therefore, we encourage visitors to review the privacy policy of each site before revealing any information in them. 


We do not request or will at any time, personal information in an unsafe or unsolicited e- mail or by telephone. Identity theft and the practice that is currently known as "phishing" are of great concern to us. Our priority is to guard the information to help you protect yourself from identity theft. 

Changes to this Policy 

This Privacy Policy may be updated regularly as our services change and grow. We will announce directly by an efficient and effective means any substantial change in these 

Privacy Policies referring to the identification of Viajala Operations Inc as responsible for your Personal Data, and the purpose of the Treatment of the same that may affect the content of the authorization in this document. The other changes will be announced in the privacy link located at the bottom of our home page. The continuous use of the website will presume the knowledge of any new condition. The most updated version of the Privacy Policy can be obtained by clicking on the privacy link.