Cookie policy

Cookie Policy for the website: (hereinafter referred to as the "website").      

At Viajala Operations Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "AIRFARESAVER") we use cookies with the aim of providing a better service and a better experience as you navigate around the website. 

At AIRFARESAVER, we believe in being clear and transparent about how we collect and use your personal data as a user. This policy provides detailed information on how and when we use cookies. Therefore, this cookie policy applies to any product or service offered on the website.

When you visit the website for the first time, AIRFARESAVER informs you about the use of cookies on a banner that will appear at the bottom of the website. By continuing to use the website you authorise AIRFARESAVER to use cookies. However, you can change the cookie settings at any time through the AIRFARESAVER cookie consent tool. You can find more information on how to manage your cookie settings below.  

What are cookies?

Cookies are small files stored on your electronic device that enable web pages to function, in this case they are downloaded by the web page manager. For example, cookies are used to provide the service expressly requested by the user, to identify their devices, to ensure their access to the website, to store and retrieve information regarding the navigation carried out from the said device and may be updated and retrieved. Cookies normally contain the name of the website that installed them, the length of time they remain activated on the device or terminal computer, and their unique identification number.

Cookies let us recognise the user's device and allow us to remember their preferences from their history of visits to the website. Cookies allow the user to navigate through the website and improve the use of it. Some cookies are essential in order to use all the functions of the service provided by the visited website. 

Cookies are automatically deleted when a browser is closed, however, the information collected remains on the user's device even when it is turned off (this, among other purposes, allows for the service settings made by the user to be saved when visiting the website again). 

What are cookies used for?

AIRFARESAVER uses cookies for the website, which are sent, installed, stored, and managed by AIRFARESAVER with the purpose of offering a better service to the website's visitors and users.  

Cookies are used to enable user navigation on the website, to collect information about visitors and to store information about their preferences. Cookies are also used to improve the website's operation and to provide a better service to users.

Users can accept or reject the use of cookies on the AIRFARESAVER website. However, if users reject the use of cookies they will not be able to benefit from all the website's functions and benefits that cookies allow.

What kind of cookies do we use?

• Essential Cookies: We use cookies to keep you logged in while you are browsing the website. They are essential for the website's proper operation.

• Personalisation Cookies: We use personalisation cookies to:

To recognise you if you have visited the website before, and to remember your preferences from previous visits, such as your last searches. We customise your experience on our website, for example, by showing you offers on our home page or in emails that are more relevant for you based on your previous visits.

Improving the website. We collect information about website usage to understand which functionalities are useful to our users.

• Ad personalisation cookies: We use this type of cookies to recognise you if you have used our services on another device. We combine information received from multiple devices to helps us determine if you are using a new device, so that we can continue to provide you with a personalised experience on the website. To allow you to post on social networks and other platforms, for example, to allow you to access a particular social network to post a comment or a "like". To collect information for advertising on the website and on third party sites that you may visit. This information is based on your preferences and your use of the website.

Changes to the rules on the use of cookies

This document may be modified from time to time due to changes in service or cookie regulations. We therefore recommend that you check it regularly for updated information on Cookies.

Cookie control

Most browsers allow you to control cookies in their settings. However, if you limit websites from setting cookies, you may worsen your overall user experience, as it will not be personalised. You may not be able to save custom settings like your login information.

Can cookies be disabled?

If you do not want us to use cookies when you visit:, you can exclude yourself from some of them on our cookie configuration page.

To let us know that you have marked the opt-out option, we need to set this option on your electronic device so that no other cookies are stored the next time you visit the website. If you do not want to receive cookies, you can also change your browser settings on your computer or other electronic device that you are using to access the website. 

If the user does not allow cookies to be installed on their browser, it is possible that the user will not be able to access some sections of the website. For example, if the user blocks or rejects the possibility of accepting Cookies, they will not be able to use the service's functions required to log in.

In the following links you will find all the information to configure or disable cookies in each browser: